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Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals

As part of the University’s continued efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, all employees, including faculty, staff, and student-employees, are required to complete the UC cyber security awareness fundamentals course.

Audience: All UC employees, including student employees

Schedule: Within 6 weeks of hire and every year thereafter 

Fulfillment Options:

If the direct link fails, search for the course by name in the UC Learning Center

More Information

  • A system-generated notification is sent to employees who are required to complete this assignment. An employee who does not receive an email, should check junk, spam, clutter, and other email folders. 
  • Failure to complete the assignment by the due date will have a negative impact on performance appraisal ratings and merit pay for policy-covered staff. Deans, chairs, and the Academic Senate will be involved to address noncompliance involving faculty. 
  • If you experience technical issues with the UC Learning Center, visit the troubleshooting page at
  • If you have questions regarding the requirement for you to take this course or if you have specific questions about the course content, please contact
  • For more information on UC Merced’s information security resources visit