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Mandatory Training and Education

All UC Merced employees are required to complete mandatory training.  Mandatory training is motivated by UC policy, risk assessments, governmental regulatory agencies, funding entities, accrediting bodies, and other entities external to UC Merced.  Education on these topics is essential to compliance with policies, laws, regulations and restrictions.

Currently Assigned Mandatory Training

Email notifications

Employees are notified of mandatory training via an email from Notifications include due date, instructions for launching/registering for the activity, and support resources.

To ensure you receive mandatory training notifications check your email settings to ensure you are receiving emails to your inbox (rather than to your clutter or junk folder) from and

UC Learning Center accounts retain previous completions regardless of employment status. An employee who rejoins UC Merced after a break in service will need to check the status of their assigned training to ensure they current. If an employee returns to work and finds they went overdue during a leave of absence or break in service they should notify

To check the status of assigned training

Log in to the UC Learning Center and click the Required Training icon to see the Training Analysis screen. The Training Analysis will show all currently assigned training.

If an assignment doesn't have a Start button it may require registration. Click the hyperlinked name of the activity for registration options.

If you experience technical issues with the UC Learning Center, visit the troubleshooting page at

    Performance Management Ramifications

    There is a mandate from the UC Office of the President for administrative staff. Effective since Spring 2017, failure to complete mandated trainings by their required due dates will have a negative effect on performance appraisal ratings, and policy-covered staff will experience a mandatory reduction in merit pay. 

    Failure to complete mandatory training by the due date of each training will result in the following:

    • For all non-academic staff: no greater than a ‘Met Some Expectations (MSE)’ in the Job Mastery and Continuous Learning core competency;
    • In addition, for non-represented, non-academic, policy-covered staff, a reduction in overall merit pay by -0.25%
    • Supervisors managing employees who have not completed mandatory training may receive ‘Met Some Expectations (MSE)’ in the People Management core competency if they did not actively support/encourage the completion of the training.

    For more information regarding Performance Management, please visit the Human Resources Website