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Mandatory Training and Education

Training is an important part of an effective compliance program and is just as important as having well-designed departmental and campuswide operational controls to mitigate risks. Training and education ensure university community members understand their responsibilities and requirements under UC policies and state and federal laws. For this reason, UC requires specific training for all employees, including student employees. 

Mandatory Training for All UC Employees

Employees are notified of mandatory training assignments via email from

Failure to complete UC mandatory training by the due date will have a negative impact on performance appraisal ratings and merit pay for policy-covered staff. Deans, chairs, and the Academic Senate will be involved to address noncompliance involving faculty.

UC Learning Center retains previous completions regardless of employment status. An employee who rejoins UC Merced after a break in service should check the status of their assigned training. If an employee finds they went overdue during a leave of absence or break in service they should complete the training within 14 days.  

Role or Responsibility-Based Training

    Specialized training covering common compliance and risk areas may be required based on an employee’s specific role and responsibilities. The list below is not exhaustive. If you don’t see what you are looking for, log onto the UC Learning Center and use the search function to look for your area of interest.


    • For more information about the UC Learning Center or UC Merced training programs, visit the HR Talent Development website 
    • For questions about specialized training, contact the office affiliated with the training or contact HR Talent Development at
    • For consultation on a compliance-related initiative or project that has a training component, contact Ethics & Compliance at