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Help on Ethical Decisions in the Workplace

Below are some guidelines to help raise awareness of ethical implications in decision making.

  1. Be sure that all of the facts are known and true.
  2. Is it legal? If the action is not legal, the decision ends here. No one is authorized to break the law.
  3. Does this action violate UC policy? If so, unless there are exceptions, the test should end there.
  4. Does one of the University's Ethical Principles apply to the facts?
  5. Determine which principle or principles apply and analyze what the appropriate response should be.
  6. Listen to your instincts. If you do it, how are you going to feel tomorrow?
  7. How would it look to other members of the UC community or your family if they knew all of the facts? Will it make you proud?
  8. Would this pass the media test? How would you feel if this were to appear on television or be published in the newspaper tomorrow?
  9. If you face a tough decision and are uncertain where to turn, ask your supervisor or manager, Human Resources or higher levels of management. If you think anything may be wrong, keep asking until you get a final authoritative answer that you know is right and about which you feel good.