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Reporting Improper Activities (Whistleblower)

The University of California has a responsibility to conduct its affairs ethically and in compliance with the law. If you suspect that a UC employee is engaged in improper governmental activities, you should know that UC has policies on "blowing the whistle" and protection from retaliation. 

Improper governmental activities include:  

  • Violations of state or federal laws or regulations (e.g., corruption, malfeasance, bribery, theft or misuse of government property, fraud, coercion, conversion);
  • Economic waste; and
  • Gross misconduct, gross incompetence or gross inefficiency.

You can "blow the whistle" by reporting your allegations via phone or in writing using one of these resources: 

The University prohibits retaliation against employees who in good faith, report suspected ethical, legal or policy violations. 

For more information about reporting suspected improper activities, please see the following resources: