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Risk Assessment Workshop

The Annual Risk Assessment Workshop serves as an integral component of our compliance, audit and risk workplans, and provides campus leadership with timely and useful information regarding perceived risks and how UC Merced is managing these risks.

This year’s workshop will be conducted via ZOOM
Thursday, March 4, 2021, 10:30 – 12:00



Register using this link or search the UC Learning Center for RAW 

Zoom instructions will be included in the registration confirmation email from


    Your participation helps strengthen the University's efforts to mitigate risks that have potential to adversely impact UC Merced.

    • Respond to poll questions as they come up in the Zoom meeting. 
    • Be sure to press submit!
    • Ask questions and/or contribute to discussion in each risk topic area.
    • Tell us more! instructions below.

    Zoom Tips:

    • You must join Zoom from a computer or device to participate; merely calling in will not allow you to see the polling feature.
    • You must authenticate to join the meeting, so you may want to begin a few minutes early.
    • You can re-open the polling window from the Zoom toolbar if you close it on accident.

    Tell Us More

    Jot down thoughts and comments about each topic area and tell us more by answering the questions below. 

    • What is going well at UC Merced?
    • If you had the power to change one thing in your campus unit/department that you believe would have a positive impact, what would it be?
    • What specific things could be done to improve the ethical environment?
    • Please list other new or emerging business, operational, compliance, legal, or other risks, not already addressed, that you believe could have a potential adverse impact to the University.
    • What other compliance areas or policy areas are you interested to know more about?

    Share your input via this webform:  
    (if preferred, you can sign out of UCM systems and complete form anonymously)