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Export Controls and Restricted Parties Screening

The courses below are intended for individuals engaged in export control matters. 

Export Controls

Introduction to export controls. Topics include: Regulations, Fundamental Research Exclusion, Risks (Shipping, Biological agents, ITAR-work, International collaborations, and International travel), and Location export control resources.

Schedule: Due within two weeks of assignment and every two years thereafter.

Fulfillment Options: Export Controls eCourse

Restricted Party Screening

Overview of the importance and requirements of restricted party screening. Topics include overview (define restricted party screening, understand the importance), responsibilities (identify risks, recognize who is responsible for RPS), requirements (follow RPS requirements, use RPS tools, and escalate, as necessary), and location resources.

Schedule: Due within two weeks of assignment and annually thereafter.

Fulfillment Options: Restricted Party Screening eCourse

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