Compliance Quick Topic – Emergencies and Business Continuity (Thursday)

November 7, 2019

Each day during UC Merced’s Ethics and Compliance Week (November 4-8, 2019), we publish a daily Compliance Quick Topic and quiz question. The quiz for this topic has already expired, but look out for today's topic! 

Compliance Quick Topic – Emergencies and Business Continuity

Have you heard of the campus Emergency Action Plan (EAP)?  If you are evacuated from you regular working space, do you know where your assembly area is?  Do you have a plan for how you will continue your important work should you not be able to get back into your work space?

Emergency management and business continuity are important risk and compliance topics on our campus.  With our campus increase in space, people, and changes to systems and processes, we need to make sure we are ready for events and potential impacts requiring the need to: 

  • shelter in place,
  • evacuate,
  • shut down campus, or
  • institute business continuity plans to continue our important work.

Emergency Management and Business Continuity are important functions that help our campus prepare to respond to catastrophic, potentially dangerous, or other types of events.  Careful planning and discussion are required within campus units to ensure campus constituents can respond confidently and appropriately to events.  Departments should be ready to participate in:

  • important campus drills and exercises;
  • developing emergency response and call lists for their units;
  • assisting to identify highest risk facilities and potential business impacts; and
  • discussions about potential emergency scenarios and documenting plans for alternate work space, backup systems, and responsibilities.

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