Cyber Security Awareness

As part of the University’s continued efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, all employees, including faculty, staff, and student-employees, have been assigned this security awareness training program.

Each member of the University community has a responsibility to safeguard the information assets entrusted to us. This training program will better prepare all of us to fulfill this responsibility and to strengthen our defenses against future attacks.

The UC Cyber Security Awareness assignment is due within six weeks of hire and retraining is required annually.  The full course runs approximately 55 minutes and is required for all initial assignments.  Subsequent retraining will be satisfied by the refresher course which runs approximately 35 minutes. 

To determine if you are required to participate in this assignment, sign in to the UC Learning Center and view your Required Training (Training Analysis).

If you completed this training at another campus, please notify in order to have your completion honored at UC Merced.

For more information on UC Merced’s information security resources visit

If you are required to participate in this assignment you will receive a system-generated notification with detailed instructions. If you don't receive something, check your junk, spam, and clutter folders.  Once overdue, the course will also show in the To-Do List on the home page of the UC Learning Center.

If you have any questions about your training requirement or if you experience technical issues with the UC Learning Center, please contact