Everfi - Sexual Violence Prevention Training for Graduate Students

All new graduate students are required to complete Sexual Violence Prevention Training via the Everfi training site. Near the start of the semester a notification email will be sent out containing the due date, a link to the training, and technical support information. Reminders are sent every two weeks. If an individual has not received a reminder in their inbox, it may be in the junk/clutter/spam folder.
Image of Invite: UC Merced needs you to train

Once your account is setup you can return to the Everfi site at any time to complete the training.
 Everfi Login Screen: Log In

After logging in, the Learner Dashboard will show open assignments, due dates, progress, and a link to the training.
Image of Everfi Learner Dashboard

Multiple controls are available when the training is open.
Image: Training Screen

If you have questions, concerns, or technical issues, please contact complianceoffice@ucmerced.edu